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Suzanne Matty, LCSW-C 
Phone: (410) 730-0552, Ext. 6


Suzanne treats individuals and couples seeking change. She strives to understand, counsel and empower clients who need relief from persistent anxiety, have endured depression, an existential crisis, or a painful loss or trauma. Her goal is to be a guide and a collaborator as clients develop a greater sense of self and attain concrete skills not merely for coping but for growing. Suzanne helps clients with decision-making, lifestyle changes, and life transitions. Clients gain a keen awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses, their productive and non-productive relationship and life patterns, and an ability to dislodge the obstacles between themselves and greater contentment, balance, meaning and purpose. Suzanne also successfully helps couples repair and improve their relationship. She counsels couples that are experiencing a loss of affection, repetitive and escalating conflict, or issues of trust, offering them healthier relationship patterns that enhance their sense of connection and communication.

Suzanne earned a masters degree at the University of Maryland School of Social Work. She has training and experience in a variety of therapeutic methods including cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, internal family systems, psychodynamic therapy, DBT, and art therapy among others. However, she tailors the method and process to the needs, preferences, and strengths of each client. She takes pride in creating a safe, accepting and compassionate setting for therapy.

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