Fees and Insurance

Due to concerns about confidentiality and the ability to make individual treatment decisions, our therapists do not participate in insurance plans. However, most insurance plans do provide the opportunity to apply for reimbursement for therapy services received from “Out of Network Providers.” Our clients pay the full fee at the time of service and then file for reimbursement.  Our therapists will provide you with a statement of the services rendered and fees paid, in order for you to file with your insurance company.

Please check with your insurance company for specific benefit eligibility and instructions for seeking reimbursement.


Here are some helpful tips when talking with your insurance company:

When you call your insurance company, they will let you know what your policy covers in general terms, often called the UCR, the usual, customary and reasonable fee.  This is the amount that they claim psychotherapists in your area charge for therapy.  They will let you know what percentage of the UCR will be reimbursed to you, but may not tell you what this amount is.  This can be lower than what the actual prevailing rate actually is.

If this happens, inform them of the fee the psychotherapist charges and our zip code, 21044. Reimbursement can vary based on location.  Be certain to let them know that you are seeing an “Out of Plan” provider. Then ask them what they will reimburse for the services below:


Individual Therapy, Outpatient, 50 minutes, CPT code 90834

Family Therapy, Outpatient, 50 minutes, CPT code 90847

Group Therapy, Outpatient, 75 minutes,  CPT code 90853

If you have any questions about this process, our therapists are happy to help you receive the proper reimbursement.

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